I started writing when I was 9 years old. My mom and dad gave me an avocado green, leatherette diary with a lock! I wrote down everything I could think of in my diary: poems, thoughts, stories, ideas, and feelings.

I loved to read as much as I loved to write. Library day was my favorite day of the week. I checked out every book on the giant and witch shelves. The school librarian always let me take out more than the limit.

I have always loved animals. When I was little I would borrow all of the neighbors' dogs and bring them to my backyard to play dog trainer and circus. Now I have two dogs, two cats, and two twin daughters in my family. (How about some pictures?)

I volunteer at the Minnesota Zoo and I get to see amazing creatures, like tamarinds (tiny mustachioed monkeys), tapirs (something like a schnuffly-nosed cowapotomus), and toucans (you know what those are).

One day, I was watching a mother tiger with her cubs and wondered what it would be like to have animal parents. I wrote a book about how funny the rules in your house would be if your mom and dad were animals. It's called Rules of the Wild. Hope you like it!

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